Thursday, May 16, 2013

Torrid Kiana Fold-Up Flats - Review

Spring time is finally upon us and thankfully it's time to shed the boots, the scarves, and the heavy clothing! Who else is excited? I bought these flats back when it was still frigid and snowing so I hadn't had the chance to wear them until now and well...unfortunately they didn't work out like I had hoped. I never would have thought in one hundred years that a simple pair of flats would be infinitely more uncomfortable than four inch heels. My first experience wearing these was about a month ago, I chose to wear them on my convention weekend because I wore dresses on both days and these flats seemed like the perfect compliment to both. And honestly, we all know that conventions mean standing, walking and everything in between and I was NOT about to wear heels!! I sincerely tip my hat to the amazing people that wear heels to these types of events.

It boggles my mind but the Kiana flats are hands down the most uncomfortable pair of shoes that I have ever worn. Within five minutes of slipping these bad boys on and walking, my feet had turned bright red and were already crying for relief. By nightfall of day one, my feet actually had calluses in several places; I was in hell! Believe me, I wanted to say f**k it and go barefoot on more than one occasion during my weekend! (Hey! I'm angry here, let me vent) Now you might be wondering, Desi if these shoes were that uncomfortable, why on earth would you wear them both days of the convention? You are absolutely right. In retrospect, this was totally not one of my better ideas.

Now, to come to Torrid's defense for a moment, these are fold up flats which basically means that they lack the support of a regular shoe and thus are not really suitable for long time wear; they are essentially "emergency" shoes if you should ruin or loose your current shoes for the night or your feet have given up from a day of heels. I know that is partially the reason why my feet were in such bad shape by the end of it but, on the other hand these flats were already shredding my feet within a few minutes of slipping them on and that is simply not normal for any shoe. Another drawback? These flats have VERY LITTLE traction which resulted in me slipping numerous times no matter the surface (I spent the majority of the convention walking on carpet). Torrid, you really dropped the ball on this one. I hate to say it but, I would not re-purchase these shoes if they were on sale for 99 cents. While these pups might suffice for very short distances they just simply aren't adequate for anything beyond that, and at the $20 price tag that Torrid wants for essentially a piece of cardboard between the soles of your feet and the earth, there are certainly better alternatives. These shoes won the round for versatility but they have by far lost the round for comfort and quality; and that is what really matters right?

Retail: $19.95 (a small travel bag is included)
You can check out & purchase the fold up flats here:

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Monday, May 6, 2013

May Flowers & Thank You's

Wow. I truly feel like it has been forever and a day since my last real blog post. -insert sad face- I've missed you all! I sincerely apologize for being so MIA for the month of April, things have just truly been all over the place for the past few weeks but, thankfully now I can breathe, concentrate and get back to what I love, writing.

It's May now! Can you believe it? For the love of croissants where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday 2013 was beginning and here we are now, five months in. You may be wondering my reason for making this post and that is, I wanted to give my honest and heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every one of you who take time out of your day to visit and read my blog. I cannot believe that over the past few weeks, my follow count has blossomed to an amazing forty-three readers. You all are positively delightful, marvelous and downright amazing, I cannot thank you enough. It is your support and all of your comments that makes posting such a joy. I remember the day that Dollface Beauty received it's first official follower; and to see my blog come this far, and to see myself grow and become a better writer absolutely boggles my mind. So to each and every one of you, this post and every other is for you!

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Thank you to all of you for supporting me as well as my blog, from the bottom of my heart. You rock!!

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