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My name is Desi, I am 22 years old & a size 22 Fatshionista!  I enjoy makeup, food, horror movies, fashion & cats. I am the mom (aka the bringer of food) to five amazing felines and one very adventurous hamster. My favorite pastime is reading and catching up on other blogger entries and gawking at their amazing fashion sense. If I had to pick, my favorite beauty related items would definitely be perfume and lipstick, I love to smell good and my look never feels complete without bright bold lips! My favorite scent is anything dessert related, I'm waiting patiently for Bath & Body Works to come out with cinnamon sugared donut body products, that will be a fantastic day. 

Overall my goal as a blogger is to evolve and explore right along with you all!! There's always so much to learn no matter what and for that reason, I will never claim myself as an expert. Have a suggestion? Contact me! I'm always open to improvement. I'm also very into empowerment, self-love, self-worth and everything in between, as a plus size girl myself, I know how difficult it can be. We're all amazing in our own way! Love every single perfect "flaw" on your body.

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Much love xo

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