Where do you shop for clothing? I shop at Torrid, Etsy and Lane Bryant, as well as making my own clothing. (List of plus size clothing stores below).

I've seen you mention PCOS, what is that? PCOS stands for PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome and I was diagnosed with this disease when I was about 17 years old. In medical terms, it is a hormonal imbalance disease but in reality it is so much more. It can lead to infertility, painful periods, thinning or balding hair, chronic pain and nausea and so much more. You can read more about PCOS here and here.

Aren't you ashamed of your size? Hell no! I love my size and I love my so called "flaws" and that is not going to change. There has been a period in time though, that I went through a lot of self-hate but that time is over now and I'm enjoying who I am.

What size do you wear? I am a size 22-26 depending on the cut, fabric and brand. In my experience, I've learned to try on everything even if it looks like it won't fit, you never know! In the past, for years I was wearing clothing that was entirely too big because I was afraid of trying on a smaller size and one day thankfully, that all changed.

How tall are you? I am 6'1 

What kind of camera do you use? I typically use my Canon ELPH 320 or on occasion, my cell phone.

How can I contact you? Either via Twitter or my email. Check out my contact page lovely!

What is your favorite beauty item? Lipstick all the way! I love bold lips and for me, my look doesn't feel complete without it.

What is your best advice for someone? As "cliche" as it might seem, my best advice to anyone is to be yourself; no matter how loud, quirky, over the top, or insane. I know that might seem hard at times because everyone usually wants to fit in but, don't worry. Love yourself, own it and be it and you'll get there before you know it. 

What are your favorite makeup brands? TheBalm, Too Faced & MAC

List of plus size clothing stores:

Addition Elle 14-26
Anna Scholz uk 10-28
Ashley Stewart 12-32
ASOS 14-22
Avenue 14-32
Big Bang Boutique 1x-6x
Bloomingdales 14-26
CarmaKoma 12-22 
Catherines 16-34
Chubby Cartwheels 14-32
City Chic 14-24
Domino Dollhouse 1x-4x
Evans UK 14-32
Fashion To Figure 12-26
Forever 21 12-18
Hips and Curves 16-28
Igigi 12-32
J Jill 14-28 
Jessica London 12-32
Jibri 14-24 
Just My Size 14-40
Kiyonna 10-32 
Lane Bryant 14-32 
Macy’s 14-24 
Mod Cloth 0-22 
Monif C 14-24 
New Look UK 18-26 
Nordstrom 12-24 
Old Navy 16-30 
Penningtons 14-28 
Plus Size Fix 14-24 
Queen Grace 12-26
Sak’s Fifth Avenue 14-24 
Simply Be 10-28 
Sealed With A Kiss 14-36 
Sonsi 12 & Up
Sydney’s Closet 14-40 
Torrid 12-28 
We Love Colors A-EE

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