Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Torrid Fold-Over Pencil Skirt - OOTD & Review

"Soft, stretchy and oh-so-versatile, this jersey knit skirt goes from classic pencil to sexy mini with a fold of the wide waistband, it will be a fashion favorite all season long."

As a plus sized girl I have always been intimidated by pencil skirts; they are the one clothing item that I have always been absolutely enamored with but terrified to wear. Why? I have belly rolls. And the tightness and form fitting aspect of a pencil skirt was just not something that I felt comfortable wearing for a long while.

A few weeks ago, I was window shopping the Torrid website looking for a plain black skirt to serve as the bottom for my upcoming Shaun of the Dead cosplay and somehow, in between the lace and florals, popped out a series of fold over skirts. Okay...I will admit this sounds incredibly corny, forgive me! After a small pep talk with myself and an overbearing need to just say f*ck it and wear whatever I want, I called my nearest Torrid to check if they had it in stock. To my luck, they had one left and it happened to be my size. Fate eh? No? Well, I like to think so.

Anyhow, fast forward to trying this baby on and it was instant love; the length and fit were absolutely perfect. Now, I must warn you, it is a VERY good thing that this skirt is meant to be folded down and customized to your needs. Why? Because I'm 6'1 and even when pulling it up to just under my breasts, this skirt still almost reached my knees. If you are any shorter than I, you will probably need to fold this skirt up a bit to still be a classic mini or pencil.

Can I express just how much I love this skirt? The material is super duper stretchy and beyond comfortable, this is one item that you can definitely wear to dinner and not have to worry about it feeling uncomfortable by the end of the meal. Now unfortunately, nothing can be perfect and this skirt does have a flaw. Since the material is so stretchy, after a day of wear it becomes very loose, not to the point of falling off but it is definitely not as form fitting (hopefully washing will fix that right up).

Onto my cam-whoring! Let me pause for a moment and say, I tip my hat to all of you fashion bloggers out there; posing is a lot harder than it looks! I ended up taking around fifty photos just to get ten that I really liked.

Overall, I really do love this skirt so much I'm probably going to end up ordering the black & white striped version, especially now that they are on-sale. I think these types of pieces are essential in ones wardrobe since they are perfect for dressing up or down. In case you're wondering, my skirt is a size 3, lipstick is MAC's Lady Danger, and the cami that I'm wearing is also from Torrid but now sold out online.

And to all my fat babes and my regular babes, wear whatever the hell you want and hold your head high, don't be afraid or intimidated like I was; I spent so many years shying away from pencil skirts when I could have been enjoying them! Love you all and hope you enjoyed my very first outfit of the day!

Retail: $24.50 // 24" long (Cotton/Spandex fabric)

Purchase Black here

Purchase Grey here

Purchase Black & White Striped here

Purchase Navy Floral here

Much love xo


  1. You look great, lady!

    That skirt looks super comfy too. I hate some of the pencil skirts I've tried that just feel uncomfortable all day long.

    1. Thanks so much babes! It is ridiculously comfy, easily one of the most comfortable things in my closet. I'm glad they decided to make it with cotton & spandex and not some stiff fabric.

  2. I love a good pencil skirt! They are just the right length to keep from rising up to your(you know what) lol. I also love the polka dots.

    1. Agreed! This one is very long, usually Torrid's dresses/skirts are way too short for me; not this one.

      Thanks so much! :)

  3. OMG the STRIPED ONE.....I DIE.....I must have it LOL It looks super comfy and your smile just says it all! Love it!

    BTW - I tagged you in a Beauty Blogger Tag post! Check it out -


    1. Thank you so much for tagging me! I'll have the post up sometime this week :)

      And I'm glad that you like my OOTD, the skirt really is incredibly comfy, I say definitely snatch it up while they're onsale!