Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beauty Things I Suck At!

When diving into the world of beauty, fails and mishaps are inevitable and it is something that we all go through at one point or another. Sometimes it can be hilarious, and sometimes not so much; like the time that I accidentally left my favorite lipstick in the car and it melted into a big puddle of red goop. But what happens when a one time mishap becomes so much more? When there is that one thing that no matter how hard you try, it always manages to derail? Whether it's getting the perfect cat eye, not bumping your nails before they dry, or getting those brows juuust right; we all have our moments that makes us want to hurl a certain product into the sun, or is that just me? A big thank you to one of my favorite bloggers, Cookie over at The Charming Cheshire for tagging me in this, now let's dive right in shall we?

Blending Eyeshadow:

Yep. I admit it. Properly blending my eyeshadow is FOR SURE not one of my strong points. In my defense, I did not start wearing eyeshadow until the last few years and even then I was wearing one color. You can imagine my epic failure when I decided to add multiple shadows to one eye look! Most of the time I can never seem to find a perfect medium when it comes to blending, either my shadows are not blended whatsoever or they become muddled and turn into one color. Alas, I am still learning everyday and maybe soon I'll be able to take this off of the things I suck at list!

Curling My Hair:

Now, as someone who loves to wear curls and is rarely even seen with straight hair, you would think that I would be a wizard with a curling iron right? Nope. Not even close. Not. even. close. While I can do the front of my hair with somewhat successful ease, the back of my head is another story. The mirror completely throws me and I usually end up with sore arms and a very irritated expression (cue the grumpy cat face).


I'll be honest here...until I got deep into the beauty game, I never even knew that tight-lining existed. Seriously. Even once I knew it existed I would often forget. On the occasions that I would have my black eyeliner in hand and decided to go for it, I would poke myself in the eye and spend the rest of the day squinting. Smooth right? These days I've started to get better at the art of tight-lining but...it still isn't one of my skills.

Nail Polish Cleanup:

I have been polishing my nails for years now and even still, I cannot for the life of me, cleanup the polish properly after applying it. I have tried q-tips, brushes, you name it. I can never get it to work. I've resulted to polishing my nails at a sloth's pace as to not make mistakes. Well okay, maybe a FAST sloth. Is that even possible?

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Well there you have it loves, my epic fails of the makeup world, I really hope you enjoyed them and I would love to hear from you all! What beauty things do YOU suck at? Comment below!

Much love xo

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  1. I don't like tightlining either and a lot of the time I forget.