Tuesday, February 7, 2012

E.L.F HD Powder- First Impression

I know that this product is insanely old in the makeup community but i'm just getting my hands on it. This review is based solely on my first application of the product. I will give a final and more in depth review after i've used it for awhile. This powder is only available on eyeslipsface.com and it is $6

The HD powder is white (supposed to be translucent on skin) very soft and very finely milled. Let me start off by saying that the packaging is horrible, it's big and bulky and even though it has a sift inside product goes everywhere. I don't understand their reason for making the packaging so big because there is not alot of product inside (8 grams).

The powder is very soft and silky to the touch with the distinct feel of silicone, this helps reduce pores. I applied this powder with a large powder brush by realTechniques. I carefully tapped a small amount of powder into the lid and buffed it onto my face (bare skin NO primer) Immediately I noticed that the powder grabbed onto EVERY dry spot on my face. From a distance the powder looks ok but upon closer inspection the powder looks very grainy on the face, even after buffing for awhile. After a few minutes or so my face began to feel very tight.

Overall, after the first application I rate this product a 2 out of 5.


Bulky and messy packaging
Product latches onto dry spots
Powder leaves a white cast on darker parts of the face
Powder looks very grainy on skin, despite it being finely milled
Product makes skin feel weird and tight
Only available online
Not good for yellow toned or darker skin


Cheap price


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