Thursday, April 11, 2013

Say Hello To, Pie

Hey lovelies! I know that this is quite different from my normal blog posts but, I am just so excited! Since the little guy is all settled in now, I just wanted to share with you the newest pint sized addition to my furbaby family. Say hello to, Pie! He is a male Syrian hamster and I am absolutely enamored with him. Enjoy his little photo shoot below, isn't he adorable?! I think so!

I like to stuff my cheeks!
He has been here nineteen days now and has even introduced himself to the kitties already (while safely in his rolling ball of course!) It is hilarious to see their confusion and intrigue, they haven't quite figured him out yet.

Hello there readers!
I chose the name Pie for him because when stuffing his cheeks he reminds me of a pumpkin, aka Pumpkin Pie. And lets be honest, who doesn't love pie? 

Also, I want to hear from you all! If you have any, what are the names of YOUR furbabies? Comment below! 

Much love xo