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Lane Bryant Smooth Satin Full Coverage Bra - Review

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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lane Bryant bras, they are literally all that I own but lately my old favorite, the cotton t-shirts just got to the point where they were old, pinching and ridiculously uncomfortable. I really have no idea why other than their age (a little over a year old) but it got to the point where they were stretched out and constantly digging into me from all angles, which resulted in a very miserable and disgruntled me. Now entering misery country population one! The cups had also started to curl after repeated washes. So I was unquestionably on the hunt for some new bras, I had my eye on the full coverage line for awhile, because of my bust size (46-48D) those seemed like the best option. I must admit that I had previously steered clear of them because they seemed more like the dull, unattractive "old lady" bras and less like the flirty, printed bras that I was used to wearing, oh how wrong I was.

I couldn't be any happier with these bras, they are FABULOUS! It fully covers my girls and there are no HELLO! type "slip ups" when I bend down or move a certain way. C'mon, we all have that moment when we bend down to pick something up and a good handful and a half of boobage slips out of the middle of the bra and we have to run off to the restroom to "re-adjust". Thankfully and proudly I can say that I no longer have to do that. This bra also offers amazing support and lifts me up right where I want to be. I have back fat and usually experience that uncomfortable band roll up and pinching but I don't with these, because of the smooth texture, these are perfect for wearing daily. I must admit, it's actually pretty nice not having all the bells and whistles for now and just enjoying a great, everyday no fuss bra. I won't be able to stay away from the prints and lace for too long though, so next sale I will be stocking up on those! The moral of the story? Don't judge a bra by it's cover, had I not taken one look at these years ago and turned up my nose, I could have been wearing these all along and saved myself countless embarrassing moments and some major discomfort. My only con with this bra is the band material, it's a see through mesh type fabric. I would have much preferred a more stable, solid fabric to reduce the risk of ripping and tearing.

This bra is now available in a lacy option for your more vixen moments but I would size up with those because they fit a little more snug. This bra wore comfortably for most of the day but in LB's defense I am still breaking them in so they should mold to my body in next few days. I'm going to give the cotton and expandable cup versions a try soon. I encourage all of my fuller chest ladies to give these a try, you won't be disappointed! Don't get discouraged if you can't seem to find the perfect fit, LB is known for their bra sizing to be a bit off depending on the style and color, what I wear in this bra I would have to go up almost three band sizes to fit a balconette!! Just keep trying on different styles and prints until you find "the one".

This bra can be purchased here: Smooth Satin Full Coverage

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