Thursday, February 28, 2013

Favorite Product Of The Month - February

Hi lovelies! Now is it me or did February seem to both fly by and take forever at the same time? Just me? Okay. Choosing my favorite product was a no brainer this month because it's something that I've been gravitating towards almost every. single. day. That is this nifty little Ulta eyeshadow in the shade "Twilight". I received this shadow inside one of Ulta's free beauty bag promos along with my purchase.

I must admit, I have not used Ulta eyeshadow in years and quite honestly had I not been sent this shade, I wouldn't have started again. Reason being, Ulta's brand of eyeshadow just always seemed a little lack luster or unexciting to me. Twilight is definitely the exception to that in all of it's odd and interesting goodness; it's a gorgeous shimmery cool toned brown with hints of purple and grey mixed in. The texture will probably be disappointing to some but, I've always liked how hard Ulta's eyeshadows were (The shadow does feel silky to the touch). I don't have many browns in my collection and I certainly don't have any purple or grey browns, except this one which is why I'm in love with the color. My favorite thing about this shade is how it can look completely different depending on the light; it can look completely purple at times, with almost no hint of brown. At other times it can simply look like a frosted brown with no purple tones.

As far as performance, I have no problem with Twilight creasing or fading throughout the day (with my trusty primer of course!) I don't experience any messiness, flaking or fallout. The shadow both applies and blends smoothly but the downside is that, it's not extremely pigmented; I had to swirl my brush several times to the build up the color exactly how I wanted it. This might also be happening because of how hard the shadow is, either way it's not something that bothers me and I will continue to use it. Overall, I think Twilight is a really awesome and interesting shade for my collection but it probably won't be especially unique if you have any other purple/grey brown in your makeup drawer. Personally, it's become one of my go-to crease colors, it's just unique enough to allow my eye makeup to pop and keep it from looking flat or boring. I will be purchasing once this runs out.

Full size retails for $7.00 // 2.4g

You can purchase here

I will be doing a Face of the Day with this eyeshadow soon!

Much love xo