Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Torrid Cherry Halter Swimsuit - Review

As much as I love wintertime complete with piles and piles of snow, I can't help but be insanely excited for summer! When Haute Cash rolled around, I purchased my very first swimsuit in YEARS..yes....YEARS (I know! I know!). If you know one thing about me it's that I absolutely adore the 50's. I love pinups, the clothing and just everything about that decade, so much that I even have a gorgeous little pinup tattooed on my arm. When Torrid started releasing their swimwear a few weeks ago, I immediately had my eye on this retro inspired cherry number. Since I haven't worn a swimsuit in years, I was a bit hesitant on what size to purchase. I normally wear a size 3 top in Torrid clothing but I can wear up to a size 5 depending on what the item is, I ended up playing it safe and ordering a size 4.

Photo courtesy of Torrid.com

Now, as much as I love the swimsuit there is one thing that I do not like...there is absolutely no breast support whatsoever. None, zip, nada! Since Torrid is a plus sized company and more often than not, plus sized lovelies have larger busts; I cannot fathom why they would make any sort of bra type item without chest support in some form. I know that the function of a swimsuit is to swim and not necessarily look glamorous but for us lovelies with larger busts, breast support is not only wanted, it is a necessity! So due to this oversight on Torrid's part, I will most likely end up installing my own chest support although I'm not quite sure what yet. Had I known this suit didn't offer any support beforehand, I probably would have purchased from Lane Bryant which has quite a few pieces with built in bras, check them out here.

Apart from lacking in the support department, I love everything else about the swimsuit. It's stretchy, comfy and it allows me to move without feeling constricted. My favorite thing is just how comfortable it really is. From what I can remember of past swimsuits, they always felt skin tight, were very hard to get on and off and just an all around pain in my butt! Since the material is so stretchy (it was more than enough to cover my belly!) I recommend purchasing in your normal Torrid size.

For some reason, Torrid claims that this swimsuit will slim and shape your body. While the cut of the suit along with the midsection detailing does help you to achieve that famous flattering retro shape, the material is just too stretchy to have any sort of slimming capability.

All things considered, I cannot wait for summer to arrive. My goal is to get as much sun, waves and wear out of this swimsuit as humanly possible, I can feel the sand in my toes already! So here's to an awesome summer now complete with the almost perfect piece.

This swimsuit retails for $68.50 and can be purchased here

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Much love xo

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