Saturday, February 9, 2013

Baggu Backpack - A Review

What do you do when you have Birchbox points that are about to expire and you still haven't cashed them in? IMPULSE BUY! I'm kidding of course but no seriously, my points were about to expire but, nothing on the site caught my eye until I saw this bag. I had been looking for a new one for school since the strap and lining on my six year old messenger bag finally called it quits. I was looking for something comfortable, preferably just a little trendy and large enough to hold my art supplies, fabric and just hopefully, my laptop as well. After cashing in my points and also getting free shipping, I paid an astronomical $4 for my purchase.

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters (Navy color)
The bag arrived nice and on time, and even through I'm not exactly thrilled on how Birchbox shipped it (not wrapped in anything, folded multiple times and crammed into a box entirely too small) I guess that's what one can expect with free shipping. The bag hit almost all of the points that I was on the market for except being able to carry my laptop, it fell about two inches short. If you have a laptop smaller than my gigantic 17.5 then it will be absolutely perfect, I still love the bag despite that. The backpack is made from 100% recycled canvas and feels very sturdy and well made, that will definitely be put to the test once I take it to class a few times. I really enjoy the fact that the bag is made from recycled material because even though it's small, it's still a contribution to the environment. Baggu even offers a service, if you return your worn out bag to them, they will give you $1.00 towards your next purchase. While I don't think that's much of an incentive for you to go out of your way for, it's something I suppose and that's better than nothing.

Unless you have points to redeem like I did, I suggest purchasing the bags directly from Baggu or Urban Outfitters, as they have a much wider color selection. Currently, Birchbox is only offering navy and white. I chose navy and I really like it, the color has a worn in vibe to it. I can't wait to put my own little personal touch on the bag though, I have a few ideas but I haven't decided on anything concrete as of yet, it is a "canvas" after all. -Cheesy pun intended.

The backpack has a total of three compartments. The first is a zippered outside covering about 1/3 of the front of the bag. It's enough space to carry my "quick grab" essentials like gum, phone, wallet, etc. The other two are on the inside, a small non zippered space at the top and the rest is empty space inside of the backpack. While the bag as a whole isn't the largest or the roomiest, it is just the right size for all of my daily class supplies plus a few extras like my makeup bag, lunch and reading material.

Overall, had I seen this bag in stores I honestly probably wouldn't have chosen it because it doesn't stand out but I really am happy with my purchase. It's lightweight, comfortable and easily customizable. My only downsides are the limited number of compartments, it has two (inside and outside) and the price, at $34 for a small backpack it can be a bit pricey but considering similar backpacks are the same price if not more expensive I can let that go. The bonus is that it is eco-friendly being made out of 100% recycled material and that is good enough for me.

Backpack measurements: 16 inches high and 10 inches wide

This back is currently on sale at Urban Outfitters for $24, here

This backpack can also be purchased here and here

Note: This backpack is not to be confused with the daypack that Baggu also offers, the daypack is smaller, cheaper and made of different material.

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  1. sounds like a great, functional bag! I always carry around backpacks because purses hurt my shoulders and I like carrying my life in a bag!

    Steph // GIVEAWAY fun size beauty

    1. It's definitely a thumbs up! I would say give it a try whenever you need a new backpack :)