Thursday, March 14, 2013

Birchbox March

Hey lovelies! It's Birchbox time again and I'm proud to say that they have seemed to really step it up with the sample sizes this month (let's hope it stays that way!) While I didn't get the box that I was coveting, I did receive some nice samples. I received box 11 which included:
The largest item in my box this month was the Serge Normant dry shampoo. If you've been reading my blog for awhile then you know that I have extremely dry hair naturally so, a dry shampoo is one product that I've never needed but, I hate to let a product go to waste. Since most dry shampoos (including this one) are marketed as volumizing sprays, I figured that would be my way to get use out of this product. Unfortunately, my first attempt resulting in me actually having to wash my hair! Spraying this directly onto my hair turned it completely white, chalky and sticky but I still wanted to find some way to be able to use this and I did. I spray a tiny bit onto my comb and work it through my roots that way, I prefer this method because it gives me more control and allows me to concentrate the spray where my hair needs it most. One to two sprays is sufficient for my hair. Even though I found a way to make this work, the only thing that I really like about this spray is the scent; it's light and perfumey with just a hint of musk, much better than the usual hair spray smell to me. There was a lot of trial and error involved in using this because the formula isn't very good, it's powdery, heavy and using too much will quickly end up making your hair look and feel horrible (I learned the hard way). Would I purchase this? Definitely not, I just don't have a need for a dry shampoo and this spray is far from the greatest but, I'm glad that I'm able to make use out of this sample until it runs out. Full price: $25 // 4.5oz

Honestly, I didn't have high hopes for a shave cream because I usually just buy the $4 cans of Skintimate and call it a day, I mean how great could a shave cream really be? Nevertheless, I wasn't going to let this product go to waste. The cream has a pretty interesting scent, in the tube it reminds me of grape candy rather than anything blueberry but, once on my skin that's when the scent became very unpleasant. I know smells can change drastically depending on ones body chemistry and chemistry turned this "blueberry" into BUTTER! That's right, it smelled like butter once on my skin. Now, I like butter as much as the next person but, I'd rather not smell like it; thankfully once washed away the smell didn't linger. As far as performance, I did like how sheer the cream was, it allowed me to see exactly what I was doing instead of blindly shaving beneath mounds of foam. Another pro was that it left my skin feeling extremely soft and smooth; definitely one of the closest shaves my legs have ever seen. While I still don't think that this or any other shaving cream is worth the price, it is a really nice product and if it were to go on sale I would definitely purchase it; until then I'm content with using drugstore shaving products. Full price: $20 // 150ml

Next up is the Caldrea body lotion, I received three packets with a pretty good amount in each packet. My skin has never been super dry or crying out for moisture but I do need to moisturize well and honestly, this lotion did absolutely nothing for my skin. Although the scents were pleasant (not great but pleasant), the formula of the lotion is extremely light, watery and not the least bit hydrating; five minutes after applying, my skin felt as if I had honestly used nothing. I don't expect body butter type hydration from a simple body lotion but I do expect for the lotion to not just completely disappear! This would be better suited as a simple hand lotion rather than full body and for the price, there are MUCH better alternatives. Full price: $22 // 8oz

I can't believe that I have never tried nail polish strips until now! I've heard nothing but great things about Incoco and so this was the item that I was looking forward to receiving. I was hesitant about using them since I have NEVER been good at using peel and stick type items. I'm so glad that I received these because I am in love! The directions were clear and these were super simple to use, I had all ten fingers done in less than 10 minutes. Incoco claims that these will last up to 14 days, I have my doubts that they will last that long but, I will update this post when they do start to wear away. Would I purchase these? Absolutely! I'm already planning on cashing in my points to pick up a few packs as we speak. Full price: $9-$11 (depending on the design) // 16 strips per pack

Is it bad that my second favorite item in the box is the emery board? That's bad right? Well bad or not, I've really taken a liking to this ultra simple item. I've never used a nail file that cost over $1 and honestly, that's most likely why I no longer have them because they constantly broke in half. I'm not saying the Madewell version won't eventually because it's still a typical emery board but it does feel quite sturdy and the little plastic sleeve keeps it from bending in your purse. As far as performance, it shaped my nails quickly, effectively and worked perfectly with my new nail strips! Now, would I purchase a $5 emery board?  Most likely no but, it is a really nice nail file and I must admit that I adore the floral print.

Overall, I thought that I was really, REALLY going to dislike this box but the nail strips, emery board and shave cream redeemed it for me; the nail strips alone paid for the box and so everything else were nice little extras. I enjoyed 3 out of the 5 items in the box and that is great in my book. Happy Birchbox-ing lovelies!

Much love & Looking forward to April!

Update! This is now day 8 and my nail strips are still going strong! Only minor chipping involved


  1. I haven't tried nail strips yet either and personally, I'm scared they won't work out haha! But the emery board is so lovely! Great stuff(:


    1. You and me both! My thoughts the entire time were "this is not going to work out all" but they did! They are super simple, give them a try :)