Tuesday, March 5, 2013

TheBalm Balm Jovi Palette - Review

It's not everyday that you find a makeup palette that is just...perfect. If you've been following my blog for the past few months you'd know that lately I've been diving more and more into TheBalm cosmetics. I've always heard great things but it wasn't until I received a few samples in my December and January Birchboxes that I really became intrigued. When Birchbox had their one day flash sale and this palette went from $39.50 down to $25, I was all over it! (No longer available from Birchbox)

This palette comes with twelve eyeshadows, two lip colors as well as a blush & highlighter (Frat Boy and Mary Lou-Manizer respectively). TheBalm is known for their products being multi-purpose and this palette is no different; Mary Lou and Frat Boy double as eyeshadows, the lip colors double as cheek stains and the shadows can be used as eyeliners; both wet and dry.

My favorite thing about this palette is how pigmented the shadows are, a little bit truly does go a long way. One downside is that they are quite powdery and rubbing your brush too hard will create a lot of excess product and make a mess of the palette (and probably your eyes!) My absolute favorite shadow is Presto, it's a dark brown that I've been using for my brows as well as a crease color. My other favorites are Alice Copper, Third Eye Blinded, Blink 1982 and Adagio. My least favorite is Metal-ica simply because it's a color that I do not wear often. All of the shades blend quite effortlessly except for Solid Gold (Mary Lou-Manizer) the application is very patchy and the pigment seems to all stick to one place making it a pain to blend out.

The lip/cheek colors dry to a semi-matte finish. Milly is relatively sheer brown toned pink; Vanilly is an opaque bright red identical to OCC's NSFW Lip Tar. A balm or primer underneath might be preferred as both are a bit drying but not overly so. Unfortunately, Milly is not flattering to my skintone at all; it is a very nude color on my lips and because of this, it ends up making me look almost sickly.

Overall, I really love this and for the first time with a palette, I find myself using every single product with the exception of Milly and Frat boy. My dislikes with these two being that they do not suit my skintone well; Milly is too nude for me and I wish Frat Boy could have been Hot Mama instead. I can only hope that TheBalm brings this palette back and makes it permanent at some point. One can hope right?

Milly & Vanilly Lip/Cheek colors // 4g
Solid Gold (Mary Lou-Manizer) // 4g
Eyeshadows // 10.8g
Don't You Want Me? (Frat Boy Blush/Eyeshadow) // 2.8g

This palette was a little hard to track down because it is now pretty much sold out everywhere. I was able to find it still available at a few places though so if you would like to purchase, act quickly.





Ebay: here and here

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  1. I love that shadow palette, even the color names are cool:) Wish it wasn't sold out though. nice review!
    xx M

    1. Same here! I regret not purchasing a second while Birchbox still had them in stock. I hope theBalm brings this palette back at some point.

      Thank you for the follow lovely! I see that you're new to blogging, welcome! And if you need any help, don't hesitate to ask!

  2. I love this palette, I found it on hautelook.com a little while back and snatched it up...so glad I did! Thank you for this post, following for sure!


    1. Thank you for the follow lovely! I'm reading a few of your blog posts now and I love them!