Thursday, August 29, 2013

New OCC Collections Available Now!

Oh OCC, why must you do this to me? (Hey that rhymed!). As you might have read awhile back, lip tars hold a special place in my heart as it was back in February that I found my very first, perfect, holy grail, STOP! Look at my lips! red by the name of NSFW. I have not purchased any lip tars since then but it is certainly not because I haven't felt the itch, it is simply "Hey lady use up some of those lipsticks that you already own!". Now, OCC is back with two new collections, ModernCraft & Fragmented Alice and true to form, both collections are keeping tradition alive with the odd and oh so fabulous shades that OCC is known for. 

My favorite shade by far is Sebastian, which is a matte lilac tinted grey/taupe that I am absolutely coveting! You know a color looks amazing when it makes me completely bypass the reds! Since I am a matte lip girl at heart, I cannot wait to see how the new matte texture compares to the satiny texture of NSFW. Unfortunately, it seems that none of the Sephora's in my area will be carrying this collection so I will have to wait just a little bit longer to get my hands on Sebastian!

As for Fragmented Alice, while I personally don't think I could pull it off, Fragmented is positively gorgeous! I expect all of the new shades to look even more amazing in person and I cannot wait to see more photographs and swatches of both collections.

ModernCraft Lip Tar Collection:

"OCC's Fall 2013 Colour Collection, Moderncraft, was inspired primarily by cabarets and the art scene born out of 1920s Weimar, Berlin. Rather than revisit makeup trends of the past, Moderncraft reinterprets and revitalizes this iconic look through a veritable artists' paint box of Lip Tar, in a variety of textures and colors. The Moderncraft Collection marks the first time OCC has launched new shades in all three texture categories: matte, metallic, and stained gloss. Whether you're moved by the transparent neutrality of 'Mein Herr' Lip Tar: Stained Gloss or driven by the seductively dark and industrial 'Black Metal Dahlia' Lip Tar: Metallic, a world of makeup expressionism awaits."

Role Play - Deep Maroon w/ Red Pearl (Metallic)

Anita - Browned Burgundy (Matte)

Black Metal Dahlia - Blackened Burgundy w/ Red Pearl (Metallic)

Dekadent - Translucent Crushed Blueberry (Stained Gloss)

Sebastian - Plum-toned Taupe (Matte)

Mein Herr - Creme Fraiche Beige (Stained Gloss)

$18.00 // 0.33 oz

Available NOW at & select Sephora locations. Available September 6th at

Fragmented Alice Collection

"Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics journeys into the depths of Wonderland with renowned Symbolist painter Gail Potocki for a truly psychedelic color collection. Inspired by Potocki's uniquely macabre take on the Alice in Wonderland™ mythology, OCC conjures up a limited edition collection full of curious colors inspired by the world of 'Fragmented Alice'. Attendees to the world's largest pop culture event San Diego Comic Con were granted a preview of the collection via 'Fragmented' Lip Tar, a first-of-its-kind acid-green glaze that marries two of our favorite textures together: Metallic and Stained Gloss!"

Fragmented - Golden Acid Green Metallic (Stained Gloss)

Gryphon - Cement Grey (Satin)

Severed - Bright Crimson (Satin)

Curved Sky - Icy White/Iridescent Blue-Violet

Infliction - Patinaed Pink Opal

Nevar - Dirty Golden Olive

Much love & Happy Shopping! xo


  1. Iv'e seen these lip tars and I have always wanted to try them! I love the colors. ps. Today I was at the mall and I saw someone who looked like you and for a min I thought it was you but then I stopped myself from saying hi because I figured you probably didn't live in Canada lol. My hubby was like...umm that's probably not the blogger you follow lol anyway nice post.

  2. They are fantastic! And the shade selection is positively ENDLESS. LOL! Nope that wasn't me unfortunately! However, I do plan on visiting Canada sometime next year, when I do we should have a bloggers meetup!