Thursday, October 18, 2012

Revlon Kissable Lip Balm Stains- A Review

Smitten LEFT. Romantic RIGHT
Hello lovelies :) I'm bringing you a review today of the Revlon Kissables. I purchased a couple of them about two weeks ago. Overall, I think they are a nice product but I don't feel that they are any more unique than other pigmented lip balms. They are advertised as a stain, a more moisturizing version of the Just Bitten lip stains but I don't feel that they really leave anything to brag about. Because of the glossy, moisturizing texture, it's almost impossible for this product to actually sink into the lips and leave anything noticeable behind, I also experienced quite a bit of feathering with these, I find myself wiping around my lips every few minutes and that's a big no no with me. I want a lip product that requires little to no maintenance, no one wants to worry about product being all over their face and teeth!

Romantic LEFT. Smitten RIGHT
I have two shades, the first being "Romantic", which is a very pretty, bright red. I also have "Smitten" which is a bright, cool toned hot pink. They are both very glossy, sheer, and wear about 2-3 hours. The biggest con I have with these lip balms is their smell, I don't find the mint/menthol to be very appealing and upon opening them I actually turned up my nose because the smell is so strong. It's not necessarily bad but it is definitely something that I personally do not like. I've never been a fan of scented lip products because I find that they are often very hit or miss and usually smell extremely artificial. Another con is the amount of product that you receive (2.7g/0.095oz) which is a normal amount but because the product is so sheer, you have to really pack it on to get the true color and that results in extremely quick product wear down.

Smitten BOTTOM. Romantic TOP
Overall, these are nice balms, I really like the texture and the way they feel on my lips and I love the colors but, I don't experience any real staining effect with these even after applying multiple layers so because of that, I definitely wouldn't go out of my way to get them, especially if they were not on sale. I like Revlon lip products but it seems to me that they take the same things and repackage them as slightly different. In terms of similar products, I would choose the lip butters over these because they don't have the mint smell and they seem to last longer on the lips. I'm glad that I tried them but I definitely do not see myself repurchasing these once I use them up, they just aren't unique enough for me to specifically pick them over any other pigmented balm, my favorites being the Paladio tinted balms and Revlon's lip butters.

Much love xo

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