Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fixing Broken Makeup

Mac Blot Powder in Medium Dark
Makeup wearers unite! We all have that sad, sad day where one of our powder compacts just completely shatters and you're left wondering, "how do I move on with my life?". Kidding of course but seriously we all hate when this happens. If you're like me, way back when I had absolutely no knowledge of what to do in this situation. Do you throw the product out? Maybe give it a tearful goodbye or do you try and put it into another container? While both of those are options that you can do, I suggest trying out this ultra simple trick before you let your broken compact go.

Start by taking a baby wipe or an alcohol towelette and cleaning your compact, wiping away all of the debris. Next, take a clean spoon or a makeup spatula and break up the chunks, it should look something like this

After your makeup looks like the picture to the left, get out your clear rubbing alcohol (I used 50%) and add a couple drops directly to the makeup. Depending on what size your compact is it could take more or less. I used about half a teaspoon, maybe a little less. There should be no excess liquid. Now, take a spoon and smooth out your makeup as if you were putting icing on a cake.

Finally, get a round object (a coin, glass, can) and sanitize it. Take a clean piece of tissue and lay it directly on your makeup, followed by your choice of object (I used a one dollar coin) and now we just press! Apply firm but not overbearing pressure for a few seconds at a time until your compact is smooth and flat. Remove the tissue, close the compact and allow to dry for at least a day, I let mine dry for 3 just to be completely safe. Now your beloved compact is as good as new! Sadly, on mine the coin I used wasn't large enough to create a completely smooth surface but it's usable!

TIP: If you are worried about the alcohol staying inside the product, don't be! The alcohol will evaporate, which is why I suggest leaving it alone for a couple of days. The higher the alcohol concentrate, the faster it will dry. The odor will also dissipate and leave nothing behind.

I hope this helps some of you lovelies out there, I know it definitely helped me. Much love xoxo

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