Saturday, December 29, 2012

MAC Strength Collection "Absolute Power" Lipstick - A Review

When MAC first announced this collection, I knew I was going to be all over it. I've been looking for a great matte red lipstick for awhile now and this one seemed to fit everything I was looking for. The other lipsticks in this collection were gorgeous but I knew I wouldn't give them the proper wear that they deserved so I skipped them. MAC describes this color as a "rich red". It's not quite the bright snow white-esque lipstick that I was looking for but more so a very pink toned red. I love it none the less.

The Strength Collection is described as "Colour is a vehicle for women to flex their femininity, and MAC's new Strength Collection reflects this state of mind and style. It starts with dramatic eyes and lips pumped up with vivid colour to project power while cheeks are softly chiseled with natural tones. And, nailing it for overall presentation, MAC's high-gloss Nail Lacquer"

I had a bit of trouble tracking this lipstick down even though I bought it the night of release because there seemed to be a mix up on what locations this collection was actually shipped to. After much irritation, I finally walked away with my lipstick. My favorite part about this lipstick is the texture! Even though it's matte, it's very creamy and glides onto my lips with ease. Once applied, the color leaves a subtle sheen/gloss that lasts for just a little bit before it dries down to a true matte finish. Worn alone, with no lip primer or lip liner, this color lasted about 2-4 hours before it wore down and became a bit dull. The stain it left however, lasted for much much longer, until the next day in fact. When paired with MAC's Prep + Prime Lip and a little lip liner, the color stayed at full opacity from day to night with me having to re-apply nothing. I do like this lipstick and I'm happy that I purchased it but my search for the perfect red still continues.

This lipstick retails for $15.00//3g of product
This collection can be purchased here

Much love xo

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