Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Benefit Skincare Solutions Cleansers- A Review

Hi lovelies! Hope you all had a fantastic holiday! This is something that I've had on my review list for awhile and I just got around to it. I actually didn't know that Benefit even had a skincare line until I was sent the samples with an order that I placed online. I'm reviewing the Foamingly Clean Facial Wash and the Refined Finish Facial Polish. Let me say, I REALLY love these products and I will be purchasing both of these in the future.

I followed the steps and used the facial wash first. At first I thought I had been sent a dud packet because nothing would come out and then all of a sudden, the ENTIRE contents came out so I ended up using much more on my face than needed. These packages are good for at least 3 uses. This cleanser left my skin feeling so clean it was insane. Not a squeaky clean but more so a really deep, refreshing clean. Am I explaining this right? I also loved how the product was very thick, almost like icing so it felt like a night cream as well. I rubbed this all over my damp face and massaged it in, before I rinsed I let it sit for about a minute or so. It left my skin feeling moisturized and really good. This product retails for $21.

Next came the polish, I kind of compared this to the Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash. This product, like the cleanser was very thick like a night cream and had plenty of exfoliating particles. I massaged this into my damp face for a few minutes and rinsed. It left my skin looking brighter and feeling wonderful. This product retails for $22.

Overall, I am SO glad that I got to try out these two. They made my skin feel amazing and left it feeling hydrated and clean. The smell for both products is really pleasant too! I look forward to purchasing these both in the future.

Much Love and Happy Holidays! xo


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