Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Birchbox June

Hey lovelies! Wow, I feel like it has been forever since my last Birchbox post. Forgive me for posting this so late in the game, I know that everyone has received theirs by now but I just received mine about a week ago and I still had to try everything out. Luckily, I can say that it was well worth the wait! Can I just express how much I adored this month? I could not have received a more perfect box; I was sent box #26 which contained:

This month, Birchbox decided to revamp their entire look from the design of the website right down to the boxes themselves. They even sent a few postcards to celebrate the opening of their new offices around the world, and so, it was only fitting that the theme for the June box is "wanderlust".

"Counting the days until your next takeoff? Mentally assembling the ultimate packing list for Bora-Bora? Corralling the family for a beach getaway? We feel you. When wanderlust strikes, it sticks. That's why this month's box is filled with samples from near and far that will serve you well on all your summer adventures."   

I think the items that I received fit perfectly with the summer essentials/wanderlust theme. Of course you're going to need shampoo on your travels, along with oil and conditioner to hydrate your hair afterwards. Why not take along an exfoliator to keep your skin looking soft and glowy. Don't forget your powder to keep your skin oil free in the hot sun, and who doesn't want a bright, summery polish to complete the look? Okay...I really am reading too much into this. Let's just get to the reviews shall we?

I am really fond of this shampoo, it has a light, pleasant, almost baby powder scent and a little went a very long way. My favorite thing? It made my hair incredibly soft. I am pretty sure this is the very first shampoo that I have encountered to make my hair feel like I've used conditioner. As far as the conditioner itself, I did not enjoy it nearly as much as the shampoo. Somehow, it actually made my hair my hair feel less soft once I rinsed it out; now that is something I will never understand. How does a conditioner make your hair feel worse!? As far as the oil, I hated it as it did absolutely nothing for my hair -correction- it ended up making my hair crunchy and sticky even though I only used a small amount. I would purchase the shampoo if not for the price.

Davines Shampoo: $24.00 // 8 oz
Davines Conditioner: $27.50 // 8 oz
Davines Oi/Oil: $41.00 // 4 oz 

Now to my favorite product of the box, I am infatuated with this cleanser! I know infatuated is a strong word but, I really do love this product; it has my skin positively glowing after using it and amazingly, I only need a pea sized amount because it spreads quite well. My only gripe is that since it is so dense, I find it a little tricky getting the right amount, couple that with the sample being in a small jar and it's a little rage inducing (I wish it had come with a scoop) not to mention jars can be unsanitary so make sure to have clean hands. But, once I've gotten some out, it is super easy to use. I just rub this onto my face using warm water, after a couple of minutes the sugar is completely dissolved, and I rinse my face with cool water. I can't say that this has done anything for my dark spots, or if it's even supposed to but it has made the large pores on my cheeks a lot smaller. I will be purchasing this at some point. Retail: $32.95 // 4 oz

I honestly did not think that I was going to like this powder as much as I did given my terrible experience with the similar ELF version. Past experiences aside, I find myself reaching for this as my go-to powder now; being my first Youngblood product ever, I am very impressed. Unlike the ELF version which made my face feel tight, dry, and uncomfortable, this powder does none of that. In fact, I can't even notice when I wear it; it blends in flawlessly and does not leave any white-ish overcast or residue on my skin. As far as the hydrating and oil control aspects, my face does feel softer when using this and it does a great job with controlling my t-zone oil. However, this powder does not last all day and I find myself having to re-apply at least once which can be quite messy with the sample jar. I would purchase this. Retail: $40.00 // 0.35 oz

When they said neon pastels, they meant NEON PASTELS ( it looks muted in the bottle, don't be fooled!). This coral/pink shade is borderline highlighter bright to the point that I was very hesitant to even try it. I can't say that I like the way the neon looks against my skintone but, it is a very pretty color; if I could find a dupe for this that was not neon then I would be a happy camper. My gripe with this as well as all other Color Club polishes that I've tried is that it applies very streaky, uneven, and full of bubbles no matter how careful I am, so for that alone I do not recommend. I have heard that the full size CC polishes do not have this problem as the issue lies with the mini brushes, I plan on trying a full size CC polish in the future to see what I think. Retail: Color Club Wanderlust Set: $8.00 // 4 mini polishes

Overall, even though I only received forty points this month, I am super happy with what I received. The polish wasn't my favorite but it is a nice shade and something that I can use. I downright hated the oil but at least it was an extra. Since I loved three items and liked two out of a total of six, I definitely call this a fantastic box. I am SUPER proud of Birchbox, they seemed to have finally stepped it up in terms of sending bigger and better samples; looking forward to the July box!

Much love xo

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