Monday, July 1, 2013

Bye, Bye Google Reader

Well, it's official, it is now July 1st and Google Reader is now a thing of the past. I hope that I do not bore you all with repeating the same information over and over again but, I want to make sure that all of you who follow my blog (as well as other blogs) receive the info!

Before I start I would like to clear a few things up, for those that follow blogs via the Blogspot Reading List, this is NOT going away, you can still find all of your followed blogs as well as their posts on your reading list located on your Blogger home page. The recent changes to Google only affect those that follow blogs via Google Reader itself.

Google Friend Connect is also still working! I know almost all of us were concerned if our current follow count would be frozen or if new followers could continue to join via GFC. Well, they can! I followed two new blogs today and both times, their GFC count went up by one as well as displaying the tiny icon. Thankfully it seems that a lot of our previous worries have turned out to not affect us much at all. Who else is insanely happy? I know I am.

For my darling followers who follow via Google Reader and would like to continue receiving post updates from Dollface Beauty, there are two options.

If you have not already, I have made the switch to Bloglovin' and you can follow me there. If you have never heard of Bloglovin' it is just like Google Reader in the sense that all of your favorite blogs are in one convenient place, you can use this link to take you directly to my Bloglovin' page. You can also find a link in the right sidebar!

The second option, for those of you that would rather not sign up for Bloglovin', you can also follow my blog via email, that way every post update is emailed right to you, simply type your email address in the right sidebar and click submit. This is easy yet inconvenient if you follow a lot of different blogs since your email might become flooded if multiple blogs post on the same day.

Well, that's it lovelies! I am completely relieved to see that almost everything is exactly the way that it has always been and only a few minor tweaks are noticeable. Love you all and hope to see you here or over at Bloglovin'!

Much love xo

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