Monday, July 1, 2013

Favorite Product Of The Month - June

Hello lovelies! I know that I haven't done a favorite in the month in awhile now but, it is officially back! This month was pretty easy for me to choose since I've been using this polish non-stop. It is OPI's Cajun Shrimp! I know, I know, this polish is nowhere near new but, it's something that I purchased not too long ago and have completely fallen in love with, in both name and formula.

I had heard so much about Cajun Shrimp prior to picking it up that I was honestly infatuated with it before I even made a purchase and I can see now that all of the rave reviews were exactly right. This is a gorgeous unique color that looks great on both my toes and hands. C'mon, we all have those polishes that only look good on one or the other however, Cajun Shrimp is the boss of both (okay that was corny). It is not quite true red, not quite orange, not quite pink but completely beautiful. I'm going to refrain from using the old "It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...." Okay...I'll stop. Seriously, I will.

My favorite thing about this polish is how fun and bright it is, along with it's creaminess and ability to be opaque in one coat. However, I do have a problem with my nail line peeking through ever so slightly so two to three coats is probably best in my case but, it's nothing that bothers me; just something to be aware of. And honestly, how many of us really bother with three coats?

As someone who tends to get chips far too easily, between typing and hand washing my polish usually doesn't stand a chance; I was very impressed by how much this shade stood up to the task, my mani's last about five days without chips versus the usual two days and even then, because of OPI's super wide brush (which I adore BTW) it is a lot easier to touch up. I know you're thinking, how does a wider brush make it easier to touch up? Well to me it does, I have never ever been able to master the art of using tiny, thin brushes, I always make a mess....I'm looking at you ZOYA.

Overall, if you love oranges and reds but want something summer-esque and gorgeous (with a delicious name!) Go, stop what you're doing and pick up Cajun Shrimp or...maybe go and just barbecue some shrimp, either one is approved.

Much love xo

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