Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Rainbow Tag

Hi lovelies! Today I decided to do the Colors of the Rainbow Tag. The concept behind this is pretty simple, well...I thought it would be, it is actually a little challenging. As I understand it, you are supposed to match your favorite beauty and/or fashion items to each of the seven colors of the rainbow. There are two optional extras, "multi-colored" and "pink" if you have something available, unfortunately I don't seem to own anything bright and multi-colored but I do have pink! A huge thank you to Jackie over at FiveTwo Certified for tagging me; go and check out her blog! 

Red - MAC Lady Danger Lipstick

My absolute favorite lipstick right now, and a forever staple in my makeup drawer (full review will be coming soon). I love how bright and eye-catching this lipstick is, seriously, this lipstick is almost neon. If you've been looking for a real statement red, Lady Danger is one of MAC's best. The matte formula glides on effortlessly, is delightfully non-drying, and stays put for hours without budging. 

Orange - OPI Cajun Shrimp

There is just something appealing about a polish named after food; this has been at the top of my favorite polishes ever since I purchased it, both the color and formula are just about perfect. Opaque in one to two coats, dry within minutes, and the longest lasting of any of my other polishes; Cajun Shrimp is an absolute dream to work with. You can check out my full review here

Yellow - TheBalm Balm Jovi Palette

Oh boy, what can I say about this palette except that I use it every single day. I own two other palettes along with this one and I let me just say, the other two have been seriously neglected ever since I purchased this. My favorite eye shades are Presto, Third Eye Blinded, REM, Blink 1982, Alice Copper, and Adagio. The Vanilly lip & cheek color is very similar to MAC's Russian Red. Every product in this palette is very pigmented and a little truly does go a long way, I have yet to make dents in any of the shades. If I had to critique anything, I would have liked to see the lip shades as remove-able, while they are protected, I still would have liked the option, but other than that, I think this is a stellar palette to have. You can check out my full review here.

Green - Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On

This has been one of my staple items ever since I received it in my April Birchbox. I can unfortunately never seem to get enough sleep and couple that with extreme allergies and you have one sad blogger; the attached metal ball feels cool and refreshing while the solution soothes and moisturizes my under eye area. This has been a life saver on those early mornings and days where I look (and feel!) especially tired. I know that no remedy will EVER be as beneficial as old fashioned rest but, I do love having this on hand.

Blue - Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Shadow Insurance was the first eye shadow primer that I ever owned and all these years later, it is still my top favorite; my lids stay matte and my eye shadows stay in place for the entire day. What else can I ask for? It's just an all-around kickass primer that lasts forever and a day. Okay, maybe not forever but, one tube does last me a year with daily use.

Indigo - Batman Tee

Who doesn't love comic book heroes? Wait...there are actually people out there who DON'T love comic book heroes? For shame! I purchased this tee at comic con last year and it has been one of my favorites since, well okay.. it is second behind the Avengers but, the material is super stretchy and soft. It has been almost an entire year since purchasing it and still no fading or ripping so far.

Violet - Vera Wang Lovestruck Perfume

Ever since I can remember, I have been OBSESSED with Vera Wang perfumes but, out of the current two that I own, Lovestruck is my favorite. I have never been good with describing scents so bare with me, but to me, it is just a nice musky floral; not heavy but certainly not the lightest scent. Notes include: Pink guava, mandarin, tuberose, lotus blossom, woods, and sheer musk.

Pink - TheBalm Hot Mama

Hot mama has been one of my go to eye shadows ever since I received it from Birchbox back in December of last year. Like all of my other products by TheBalm, a little bit goes a long way. This shade is perfect for giving a natural, warm glow to my skin as well as helping to even out my eyelid color on my "no makeup, makeup" days.

Well, there you have it lovelies, my answers to the Rainbow Tag! It was not only fun but honestly tricky at the same time. Thank you again to Jackie for tagging me, you can find her rainbow tag post here! Now, to all you lovely ladies below, good luck! I cannot wait to see your answers.

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  1. awesome rainbow! i loove theBalm products too, i want to buy all their stuff hehehe! thanks for doing the tag :)

    1. No, Thank YOU for tagging me! And same here, TheBalm is one of my favorite brands

  2. Somehow I missed this before, but I'm totally going ot do it!!