Saturday, January 26, 2013

Aubrey Elizabeth Apothecary Custom Soaps- A Review

I looked up this seller on Etsy after a friend of mine gave me a couple of her soaps for Christmas. One of the soaps that I was given was a delicious cherry and licorice scented ZOMBIE soap (EXTREME horror fan here!) I was so intrigued by this product that I immediately looked up her shop and that, my friends, is where it all started.

This shop literally sells almost every shape and scent of soap that you can imagine, from waffles and sushi to cupcakes and guns, all deliciously fragrant. I spoke to Aubrey on how everything worked and I ended up placing a pretty decent order on almost everything that caught my eye. My favorites were the cinnamon buns, Hostess chocolate cupcake and the American Rocket.

Most of her products are in the $5.00-$10.00 range and they last awhile so it's pretty affordable. Vegan and goat milk options are also available! My only gripe is I would order products in small batches because for the lighter colored soaps, the longer that they sit around in the cellophane, they become a bit discolored. They still smell pretty good though. Just something to keep in mind.

Overall, I really love these soaps and I'm looking forward to trying the sushi set next. There's no better pleasure in life than smelling like a chocolate cupcake. If you're wondering, yes the scents do linger, especially the heavier scents like cherry and chocolate. Not only did my bathroom smell amazing, so did I for a few hours. There's nothing I hate more than having a wonderfully scented bath product and the smell dissipates five minutes after using it. As far as moisturizing, the glycerin that these soaps contain did lock in a bit of moisture but nothing that lasted too long, I would definitely follow up with a body butter or lotion afterwards.

To get the most out of your soaps, I've found that it's better to cut them in half or more depending on the size. The is because not only is it easier to handle but you aren't worrying about the heat or shower moisture evaporating the soap and you get to use every little bit! That is, if you can handle ruining the cute designs.

Her soaps sometimes contain fresh ingredients like cinnamon, so if you have an allergy PLEASE read her listings, she lists all the ingredients right on the page. Her soaps also contain: glycerin, coloring, phthalate-free fragrance, propylene glycol, sorbitol, water, sodium stearate, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium myristate, sodium cocoyl isethionate, triethanolamine, titanium dioxide, mica and oxide.

*These soaps DO contain sulfates*

You can check out the shop here

Her products tend to go by season so if you see something that you like, don't hesitate to get it!

Much love xo

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  1. Her soaps are so cute! I'm loving the Oreo ones, although the scent is definitely a bit strong. But I like the subtle scent that lingers behind. I've been using them with a cake scented scrub.... DIVINE! The cuteness just gets me though. These would be so adorable in a guest bathroom or something.