Monday, January 14, 2013

MAC Mineralize Charged Water Hydrating Spray- A Review

It seems that I've been posting A LOT of MAC stuff lately. Sorry about that! I've just been diving more and more into this brand and I've gone from owning one product to about ten. I received this Charged Water for the Christmas holiday and I have been really enjoying it. I previously used MAC's Fix + spray but I was excited to try this none the less.

Now you might be thinking, why on earth do I need two water sprays? Well in all honesty, I don't. They are almost the same thing (in my option) but they do have a couple of slight differences. The first that you would notice is the smell. Both Fix + and the charged water have pleasant smells but I much prefer the scent of the CW, it seems to have a fresher, more "perk me up" type of scent, does that make any sense whatsoever?

As far as performance, I still prefer the Charged Water because to me, it does the exact same thing as Fix + but with a few added bonuses, including the addition of diamond powder. Fix + is used mainly to reduce the look of cakeyness and powder on your face. Well, the CW does that also and the CW adds a bit of hydration and (supposed) radiance to your skin. I still like my Fix + but the one gripe I have with it is that it makes my skin feel a bit sticky after using it, the CW does not do this. Overall, I would most likely recommend the charged water for dry skin and the Fix + for oily skin but they are both good products and it really falls down to personal preference, I choose the charged water. I use this throughout the day, especially now that winter has started, it feels extremely refreshing and picks up my makeup just a little bit. Don't be afraid to use these sprays, they last a LONG time.

I won't sit here and say that I notice any added radiance to my skin because I do not but because this product does in fact make my skin feel hydrated and soft and it doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or tacky, I will definitely be re-purchasing.

Now, diamond powder. What is it exactly and why is it in my makeup? To be honest, I couldn't find much information on diamond powder in cosmetics and what exactly it is supposed to do. I'm going to assume that this is supposed to be the radiance causing ingredient but to the naked eye, I can't tell any difference. So until I get more information on it's "benefits", diamond powder in my option seems to be the "new fad" ingredient that makes a product sound better and more intriguing.

This product retails for $22.00//3.4oz of product

This product can be purchased here

Much love xo

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