Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Wow you guys! I can't believe that it's 2013 already. Time flies way too fast, in a couple of weeks it'll be the 1 year anniversary of Dollface Beauty and I honestly can't wrap my mind around it. I hope everyone is having an absolutely magical day with food and friends (and drinks..haha) and everything in between.

Let me know what you're looking forward to in the new year. What are you going to change? Personally, I'm looking forward to taking more chances. From places to visit to exciting new hairstyles, you only live once right? And if it fails, you'll probably have a good laugh about it. Whatever that idea is, go out and do it. Enjoy the little things while you can :)

So please everyone, let's make 2013 completely and ridiculously awesome, because all the fun things are in trying. Go bungee jumping, fall in love, shave your head, take that trip to Paris, quit that job that you hate, take up tango lessons and just completely and utterly rock the hell out because you deserve it. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to be fulfilled in life. That's what truly matters, don't let anything hold you back. Make 2013 your year, and the year after that, and the year after that.

Also, please remember that there is no excuse for driving under the influence. If you have no other options, call AAA. On New Year's Eve & Day, they will take you and your car home for free. Use number (800) AAA-HELP.

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Much Love & Happy New Year My Lovelies! xo

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