Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lush Almond & Coconut Shower Smoothie- A Review

Oh Lush, why must you be so expensive? We all know Lush, it's the guilty pleasure store where you love the products but you (almost) feel guilty after buying them because they are just so pricey. Believe me, I feel your pain. For the Christmas season, I decided to treat myself to a few products, one of which is this painfully wonderful shower smoothie. I had originally planned to pick up the banana scented "Gumback Express" but unfortunately I found out that it's only available online. (Gumback Express is considered a retro item) Anyhow, after spending about half an hour in store, I walked out with this and the Aqua Mirabilis Body Butter (A review for this will be up shortly).

First off let me just say that I absolutely ADORE the scent, it's so familiar yet unique at the same time. It smells of vanilla frosting so to anyone that cannot stand coconut scents, you'll probably like this because I really can't detect the coconut whatsoever. Is it just me or does this kind of smell like gum as well?

I used about two tablespoons of this during my shower, I let it sit on my skin for 2-3 minutes before I rinsed it off and I instantly felt the film/residue that it left. It was not a bad residue but you can definitely feel the moisture and oils that it left behind. I purposely didn't use any body butters or lotions afterwards just to see how long the hydration lasted, all in all about five hours. This is great in my book because it allows me to remove the extra step of applying body butter or lotion. My skin feels soft and silky enough after using this that I don't feel that I need anything else. My favorite thing about this product is the texture, it looks dense in the container but once used, it feels almost like whipped cream. I also love this smoothie because of the ingredients. It's made with five different oils including, almond oil. That coupled with glycerin makes it a great product for sealing moisture into the skin. Almond oil also contains vitamin e, which in itself is great for the body. Vitamin e contains antioxidants which is excellent for anti-aging. This vitamin also promotes circulation and helps the healing process especially with dry and cracked skin.

Overall, I think this smoothie is a really great product. It did exactly what the label explained and it made my skin feel soft and hydrated but, the price is what will keep me from having this in my shower at all times. For right now, this will be a "luxury" item for me.

This product is $21.95 // 8.8 oz of product
Purchase here

Much love xo

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