Saturday, January 5, 2013

Butter LONDON "Blowing Raspberries"

Lately I've got it into my head that there is nothing better to do in the morning but take a nice long warm shower, put on a big fluffy robe and polish my nails while sipping coffee. The rest of the house is sleeping in and I just get to relax.


Getting better with clean-up!
Well..that's the way it goes in my head anyways. My mornings usually involve me running around like a bat out of hell, snatching on clothing and throwing charcoal and books into my backpack before I run out of the door to my classes. One can dream I suppose. On this day I finally got around to being able to change my polish. I picked up this polish awhile ago after coveting it ever since I saw someone on youtube wearing it. I hate to sound like a broken record when I say something is my favorite but this is absolutely one of my favorite polishes now. It is the perfect mix of pink and red and can look completely different depending on the lighting, I've seen it look almost cherry red and then a plumy maroon in the same day. I also fell in love with the name, it's so cute and somehow fits perfectly.

For those that are not familiar with the Butter London brand, they pride themselves on being a "3 free" lacquer company. This means that all of their polishes are formulated without DBP, Formaldehyde or Toluene. Which is great because it's better and healthier for both you and the environment.

This polish goes on very smoothly and is completely opaque with one coat, I didn't even bother with applying a second. This polish works best if you prep your nails first. When I used this without prepping my nails, the polish did not apply as smoothly and I noticed A LOT more tip wear and chipping. I wore this polish for almost an entire week before having to change it, one of the longest wearing of my entire collection. One gripe that I do have with this polish is that it can turn dull very quickly. If you don't apply a top coat, this polish will lose most of it's shine in a matter of hours. I know that isn't a deal breaker or anything because we're all pretty much going to use a top coat but, it's just something that I noticed. Also, if you're not used to handling polishes with a shorter handle, this might take a little bit of getting used to. The brush itself is pretty much the same length as other polishes, only the handle is much shorter.

Overall, I'm REALLY REALLY loving this polish but, I don't think it's outstanding or necessarily unique enough to carry the hefty $14 price tag. I do think that the polish is great and I love that the brand is 3 free but, Butter London as a whole is not a brand that I will buy if it's not on sale.

You can check out Butter London here and here

Full price is $14//0.4 oz of product

Much love xo


  1. I LOVE BL polishes.... but not for $14! I believe they're actually raising them to $15 as well. $10 is about all I would pay for them.

    1. They are! I heard about this awhile back but I wasn't sure if it had been confirmed yet. I just cannot justify $15 for one nail lacquer.